The Other Six12

Little clip from SHOT Show​ I dug up from my phone the other day showing the formerly-Crye Six12 bullpup revolver shotgun.

There’s a very fancy website for this gun up now that’s worth a look to get an idea of the number of different stock/mounting options that have been planned and prototyped for this thing.

Guns’r’Bad M’kay?

So.. YouTube.

I’m guessing if you read this, you follow a fair few gun/shooting related channels. I don’t subscribe to a whole lot of them, probably less than a dozen in total and a lot of them rarely post because they’re run by 1 dude just for the fun of it.

Now the basic headline story here is that the Wall Street Journal highlighted the fact that because YouTube puts ads before/around every video, various companies were having their products ‘associated’ with ISIS and neo-nazis etc etc, so some huge brands pulled hundreds of millions in revenue from YouTube, not far off a billion USD. It would seem this caused YT to have a big rethink about how and where ads are placed and in the process of implementing an even more mysterious, unexplained algorithm for monetisation, gun channels have done very badly indeed (even worse than they were doing before vs the so-called ‘family friendly’ generic content).

All the big channels I subscribe to have uploaded in the past few days talking about this and a lot of them are asking for more support via the likes of patreon since they’ll now be making either zero money from ads, or very little. This also affects airsofters since if a channel primarily promotes/discusses airsoft guns, they fall in to the same bracket as real guns as far as YT’s rules go.

This could definitely hurt viewers in terms of a loss of content to watch, but whether any big channels completely disappear or change dramatically remains to be seen. My personal perspective is that, to an extent, some people have been unthinkingly riding the gravy train on YouTube and social media in general for a long time now and were really, really naive to think it would last forever. Basing essentially your entire livelihood around that sort of thing was never a smart move, it was always too fragile a platform if you’re in the realm of anything that looks like a gun.

Despite the view/sub numbers clearly showing that, globally, people want to see firearms and airsoft, a vocal minority of people (probably largely in the US) will never stop squealing about how a bolt action bb gun is definitely 1 small step away from being converted to an automatic high-capacity assault weapon ideal for mass shootings.

Personally I made so little off YouTube that losing (for example) 50% of that money means nothing to me, it’s a miniscule percentage of what I earn in my actual job. I’ll carry on uploading gear reviews, the occasional shooting video and the occasional airsoft video as and when I’m able to, want to, and feel it makes sense. It’ll certainly be interesting to see how this affects the sphere of ‘gun guys’ on social media and around the internet as a whole.

Swerve The System

In theory, specific pouches designed purely for mounting to belts can be very nice for using on your belt line in place of a conventional PALS pouch. They can be more secure and ‘sit’ a lot better all round. There was some fanfare when HSGI released their belt-mount-only TACOs. Personally as a very big fan of the TACOs and as someone who uses them on almost all my belts and plate carriers etc I had to try out a few of their new belt mount variants, but frankly I found them underwhelming and I do not see any reason to buy them over the standard PALS mount.  At least not once you think the matter through.

I’ve explained here my thoughts on a far better solution to the issue at hand that gives the user more versatility and flexibility with the gear they’ve bought, therefore making their money do more.

1st World Problems

Initially I debated whether to film this now or wait until the end of next year when a fairly large portion of the collection (probably 30-40%) will have been swapped out and changed.  For anyone who’s been following this site and my other streams in the past couple of months you’ll have seen a lot of the items that will be ‘moved in’.


Make Slings Great Again

When I attended SHOT show this year for the first time, the very first booth I headed to right out of the gate was Blue Force Gear.  I was lucky enough to chat to a nice lady at BFG who hooked me up with a pair of the new (at the time) ‘Uber loop’ sling attachments to try out and show to you good ladies and gents.

Whether it’s a firearm or a replica, if you use anything other than an AR-15 type rifle, or even if you do, and you like elegant, well designed and executed sling solutions; I can definitely recommend the U-Loops.  I try to showcase as many products as I can that actually fix a problem I’ve experienced myself.  Genuine innovative thinking in product design that makes a tangible different.  Small as it is, this is one such product.

Burning A Hole In Your Pocket

It’s most important to be able to laugh at yourself before anyone else.  Crye stuff is awesome in many ways, but unless you’re doing some serious SF’y/door-kicky stuff for real, you need to remain aware of the fact that some Tru-Spec or the like would’ve been MORE than adequate for your needs.

For anyone wondering, yes the money is real and it’s all 20s (just over $2k there) but I picked it up from the camp cashier while I was deployed using a chunk of savings I’d put aside for a holiday.  They had an exchange rate that blows the current one out of the water so I spent the entire triple-flight journey home from afghan shitting myself in case my ‘investment’ were to be lost or stolen.

FirstSpear Gear – Fight Strapped

Full disclosure – Yes I was sent this item by FirstSpear to try out, keep and make a video on.  However they’ve sent me a fair few bits of kit at this point and I still pointed out the many issues and shortcomings with the first batch of Wind Cheaters, so believe me when I say getting sent stuff does not compromise my viewpoint.  I also very specifically requested this item because of the intended usage I had for it, they do not tell me what they want me to publicise/produce overview videos about.

Overall considering the low price (for the quality) and the numbers of different things this platform could be used for outside a mere ammunition bandolier, I think it’s a very strong option given the huge versatility.