How much does that elevator weigh?


Entirely out of the blue my awesome little brother presented me a trifecta of MGS themed patches over the weekend, so of course I had to feature them for the weekly segment here.  They’re not from a tactical patch company they came from the gaming/movie fiction enthusiast side of the patch world so this one didn’t have hook on the back, but that was remedied quickly with some velcro product I have in my toolkit which makes use of an extremely strong adhesive.  Given that I have just about every patch I would ever want (of the existing crop) from MSM, Maxpedition, VLMS, Mojo Tac, Tac Outfitters etc by this point, I’ll probably be looking more in to the realm of non-tactical patches in future; they may not often come with hook but the variety of cool designs available is staggering and covers a truly mind-boggling range of subjects.

Now, I’ve no idea if the actual details of the ‘device’ known as the Stealth Camo that’s present in most MGS games has ever been fully explained anywhere.  I know I’ve played most of the titles and not heard anything about why exactly it appears to have a bloody big needle on the side for example.  But I used this widget in the first MGS way back in the 90s some time and through playing all the titles that have been released in the last 2 decades or so (minus Peace Walker) I’ve grown somewhat attached to it, as abstract as that might sound.  ‘Stealth’ was probably the biggest game changer in the original Metal Gear Solid, because it was the most OP in that game to my mind and when you went for your second playthrough of said title and had access to the power of invisibility, it was a pretty crazy feeling indeed.  Also being fairly young and being exposed to one of the first properly grown up games of my life that dealt with violence, loss, fear, betrayal and international conspiracy on a truly fantastical level; everything about it was just really rather epic and extremely memorable.



There’s certainly no shortage of opportunities to pick up some swag at SHOT, so I thought I’d feature some of what I picked up (couldn’t fit nearly of it in view) for this weeks’ MoraleMondays.  I don’t plan on using the patches that just feature a retailers’ logo for any future features, so I figured I’d chuck them all in now with the rest of the stickers and t-shirts etc.

I’m particularly proud of my 1947llc cap in MC Black with the prison pink embroidery.

So totes tactical.

Devilishly Good


#MoraleMondays coming to you live from Las Vegas.

This is a Mil-Spec Monkey PVC patch featuring the Military Morons logo.  For those who aren’t familiar, MM is a site that’s absolutely chock full of superb reviews for all kinds of top end gear and accessories.  Even though it’s not been updated much for a little while now, it remains an excellent resource.



Most of my christmas presents were entirely practical for boring, average, normal life – that thing we all have to deal with inbetween time spent being all super dynamic n’ shit in unnecessary camouflage.  However, my little brother came through with this gem of a patch, which I’d been eyeing for a while but hadn’t seen for sale in Britain.

You get a 5x multiplier on your patch whore points for actually putting it on that Arc’teryx gear you probably did not need.



MoraleMondays brought to you this week by Kryptek Outdoor.  Presented against some Mandrake on a shirt sold by Kryptek directly, which I’ll be posting about here on the blog in future.

Patches AWOL


I’m afraid to say that at this moment I’m all out of patches to post for #MoraleMondays.  I have some in the collection that I might not have already posted, but it’s hard to be sure without spending an inordinate amount of time going through years’ worth of Monday posts.  Had a pretty solid run though so I hope you’ve all enjoyed the feature thus far.

It’ll be another month or two at least before I get more in, but I am fairly picky and I don’t tend to buy any if I feel they’re not relevant to me personally.  Some may have noticed the site has changed aesthetically and that is to facilitate better integration with shop software as I slowly work towards the opening of the new and much improved version of the REMF Tac patch store.  It’ll have a lot more stock than the previous simple store and initially it will be other companies efforts in stock rather than my own, but hopefully over time that will change as and when I come up with good ideas for patches.

For now, here’s the back of the new work t-shirts we’ve gotten in here at Benson Armoury, featuring our native Puma 2 aircraft, the ever-present explosive hazard symbol and some belted 556 ammo.  Not my design and not 100% what I’d have gone with, but it’s a fitting enough design when I’m fixing guns in the bat and some pretty high quality custom work from Moosejam Tactical.

Speshul Forces


This is another embroidered patch from Mil-Spec Monkey but one I’d never actually seen before, which is pretty unusual given that pretty much everyone has at least one MSM patch.  It suits me down to the ground anyway.  #MoraleMondays

Often Misguided Symbolism


MoraleMondays from Kryptek Outdoor Group.

Honestly I find this whole ‘300’ Spartan hoplite obsession that’s swept the US shooting community to be pretty funny in a lot of ways.  Historically, the actual citizens of Sparta were often regarded as each being worth many of the men of other countries and cultures; and the elite 300 that were selected as the king’s guard were the best of those elites.  However spartan society also revolved around the principal of their actual citizens being served by huge amounts of slaves, not exactly the modern American way.

I like the patch because it’s free of text (which is surprisingly uncommon when you really look around) and the colours are bold with prominent symbolism, but I certainly don’t subscribe to any of this ‘modern warrior’ BS that some companies use to try and sell their products to people who think buying a certain rifle or camo shirt will turn them in to the greatest fighters humanity has ever seen.